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Avant-Garde - 107 (1.05%)
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Ska - 23 (0.23%)
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- Industrial - 166 (1.63%)

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How do I update Omnisphere 2? Digital summing or Analog Summing? Depths Of Despair (Samplitude) Legends EP,enjoy ! Saturday! Yay! With a little help from audiosex... OMNISPHERE 2 (Pirate) not working calling home Did Spitfire fail it or nail it..? [Westworld Scoring Competition] Studio One 5 announcement: July 7th 10 AM CDT


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fresh releases

Samples, instruments, sound effects, loops
Sample Magic Melodic Progressive WAV screenshot
HiDERA | 22 June 2020 | 379 MB
Blissful, euphoric and uplifting: Melodic Progressive is bursting with stabbin’ chords, floor-pounding beats, epic synth sequences, lush leads, bumping bass, music kits, drum hits, and vocal chops. Primed for peak-time action, Melodic Progressive conveys the quintessential collection packed with hundreds of maximal melodics, peak-time beats, and super-sized synthetics for ultimate bliss-injected progressive house.
Samples, multi-libraries, instruments, sound effects, loops, presets, patches, impulses
Gio Israel Middle East Essentials Volume 1 WAV ABLETON screenshot
HiDERA | 14 June 2020 | 837 MB
Middle East Essentials by Gio Israel is the culmination of a series of studio recordings of Middle Eastern masters and prodigies with the goal of capturing the most diverse, high-quality, and unique musical material. The pack series will represent the whole region, featuring performers from various cultures, religions, and backgrounds. Rare instruments will be recorded, alongside vocalists and traditional instrumentation.
Samples, instruments, sound effects, loops
Soul Surplus Earth Tone WAV screenshot
HiDERA | 14 June 2020 | 315 MB
One of the biggest benefits in using analog outboard gear and instruments is the “warmth” that these tools provide. While warmth can described as the presence of low-end, or the absence of high-end, we find warmth in the present realness of analog circuitry. “Earth Tone” is all about warmth. Every loop features an in-your-face, fat analog presence that you won’t anywhere except in real gear. At just under 70 one-shots, and 10 Melodic Loops (stems included), there is no shortage of analog dirt and warmth to be found in this pack. Round electric bass, vintage electric pianos, and retro analog synths.
Samples, instruments, sound effects, loops
Soul Surplus Original Motion Picture WAV screenshot
HiDERA | 14 June 2020 | 478 MB
Many of the greatest samples from the O.G. hip-hop generation all the way into the current generation, come from obscure European movie soundtracks. These titles spanned from the late 60s and 70s, featuring legendary composers like Ennio Morricone and Piero Piccioni. The dark, soul and jazz infused melodies would make for the perfect backdrop to beats and breaks for over 30 years and counting. In our latest sample pack, Original Motion Picture, the team looked to capture that same magic and essence of that era. Made with the boom-bap enthusiast in mind, these new melodic loops were tailor-made for lyrical storytellers. As always, this pack features 10 melodic composition loops, with 80+ individual melodic loops. With over half a gig of keys, guitars, and woodwind instruments, this pack will surely scratch any itch you may come across. Add the Original Motion Picture sample pack to your library today.
Samples, instruments, sound effects, loops
Soul Surplus Somber Soul WAV screenshot
HiDERA | 14 June 2020 | 860 MB
Chill-hop is a genre that appropriately encompasses the two entities after which it is titled. Chill: laid back, contemplative, relaxing. Hop: movin’, bouncing, head-nodding. Chill-hop draws from the lo-fi aesthetic of modern chill-wave, jazz, and R&B while being structured by the backbone of old school hip-hop and rap music. Our latest release, “Somber Soul” appropriately encompasses all that chill-hop is; smooth electric pianos, ambient guitar licks, and grooving bass lines. With 87 one-shots of keyboards and guitars processed with various different textures, and dry stem options for each of the 15 Melodic Loops in this pack, “Somber Soul” gives the user a plethora of options to create laid-back vibes never heard before.
Samples, instruments, sound effects, loops
Soul Surplus Soulstice WAV screenshot
HiDERA | 14 June 2020 | 213 MB
There's nothing like finding gold in the perfect loop when digging in the crates. Diggers will search for hours on end looking for the perfect section in the song to chop, layer, and flip into the new groove of a new composition. In our latest sample pack, Soulstice, we aimed to recreate that feeling of meeting at the apex of a sample. While we are known for creating diverse musical landscapes, we went the minimal route in our latest offering. Soulstice boasts smooth keys, coupled with straightforward bass lines and guitar licks, with the occasional visit by a choir. While we always push our fans to chop our compositions, Soulstice is a loopers dream.
Samples, instruments, sound effects, loops
Soul Surplus Nightcap WAV screenshot
HiDERA | 14 June 2020 | 505 MB
Music and alcohol have always been the choice way to unwind after a long day. Nothing compares to the warmth of a vinyl record playing in the background as you enjoy the calming effects of a neat whiskey during the night. Our latest selection of soul standards titled Nightcap features not only 10 soothing and soulful Melodic Loops, but also 10 drum loops processed through SSL compression and analog tape saturation to punch sit in your mixes the way digital drums just cannot do. With 30 drum one-shots including kick, snare, hi-hat, and toms, you can craft your own drum loops with the sounds we have packed into Nightcap. For those late-night feels, you can’t go wrong with this one. BYOB.
Samples, instruments, sound effects, loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
Four4 Deep Tech WAV MIDI screenshot
HiDERA| 10 June 2020 | 200 MB
Loaded with afterhours tech-infused grooves, and inspired by modern house workouts, Deep Tech serves up dusky programmed drums and inspiring synthlines aimed at the forward-thinking producer. With basslines ranging from subby low enders to wonky squarelines, get to grips with 300+ finely sculpted loops and one-shots primed to take your dance productions from your studio to the dancefloor.
Samples, instruments, sound effects, loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
Four4 Analogue Ambient House WAV MIDI screenshot
HiDERA| 10 June 2020 | 840 MB
Vibrant, warm, and atmospheric: Analogue Ambient House blends together dance-floor grooves with ethereal soundscapes. Inject your productions with expertly crafted loops and one-shots primed for forward-thinking and left-field producers. Packed with powerful synth riffs, outboard-processed arpeggios, and driving drums, Analogue Ambient House is a guaranteed inspiration starter.


Samples, instruments, MIDI, SF, Akai
WaaSoundLab Easy Listening Vol 2 WAV REX AiFF MiDi EXS24 screenshot
WAV REX AiFF MiDi EXS24 | 428.86 MB
If you feel like bringing back the true spirit of the 60’s and 70’s, then use Easy Listening Vol 2 from WaaSoundLab: this pack contains a huge variety of ready-to-use 24-bit samples and loops to give your productions real kitsch and fresh retro vibrations, influenced by Bossa Nova, Mambo, 70's Soundtracks, Cool Jazz and Electronica.
Samples, instruments, presets, patches, impulses, MIDI, SF, Akai
Hello Samples Sub Phatty - Multidrived Synth ABLETON MASCHINE MPC [FREE] screenshot
FREE | 18 May 2020 | 704 MB
We are happy because Moog has included some of our custom SubPhatty presets on their new official software editor. And if you are a lucky owner you just need to register it on the Moog’s website and you will receive the editor for free!

But for those who doesn’t have one, we have sampled the phatty so you can enjoy it on your samplers. (NI Maschine, Ableton Live and MPC presets included).
Samples, instruments, presets, patches, impulses, MIDI, SF, Akai
FREE | 18 May 2020 | 368 MB
The RE-201 Space Echo is one of our favourite FX units.

This vintage (but portable!) tape delay/spring reverb system is a must have if you want to inject warm, warped, spaced analog echo delays into your songs. From subtle tape textures to cosmic chaos, its distortion + musical wow and flutter has proven to enrich the sonic palette of thousands of guitarists and electronic music producers over the world.
Kontakt, instruments, presets, patches, impulses
Echo Sound Works Denver Grand (Piano Library) For LOGiC X ABLETON LiVE 10 KONTAKT [FREE] screenshot
16.02.2020 | For LOGiC X | FOR ABLETON LiVE 10 | FOR KONTAKT | UP TO 1.5 GB

Fun fact. There aren’t many useable, let alone good free piano libraries. I was putting together a list of the best free pianos for our blog and YouTube channel, and after trying out about 20 freebies, I was shocked at how bad most of them are. Why Denver? It’s admittedly not the first city you think of when you picture a grand piano. But Denver is the city where Echo Sound Works started. Denver is where I went to college to study music. That’s why we jumped at the chance to sample a Piano from my old stomping grounds.
Kontakt, instruments, presets, patches, impulses
Echo Sound Works Kalimba v1.1 For LOGiC X ABLETON LiVE 10 KONTAKT [FREE] screenshot
16.02.2020 | For LOGiC X | FOR ABLETON LiVE 10 | FOR KONTAKT | 300/310/600 MB
The Kalimba is one of my favorite instruments. It fits nicely into so many genres of music like Pop, House, LoFi, and even Trap/Hip Hop. We've used and sampled Kalimba's before for packs like Sphere and the X Keys, but we've never released a multi-sampled version. The Kalimba was created with the modern producer in mind. We wanted to put a new spin on this instrument and results are crazy. There are 5 unique versions or presets, and we feel confident in saying that you haven't heard the Kalimba sound like this before.
Windows, Mac OSX, instruments
Lennar Digital Sylenth1 v3.064 WIN & OSX [UNCRACKED] screenshot
WIN x32 x64 & OSX | UNCRACKED | 425,13 MB
Sylenth1 is a virtual analog VSTi synthesizer that takes the definitions of quality and performance to a higher level. Until now only very few software synthesizers have been able to stand up to the sound quality standards of hardware synths. Sylenth1 is one that does.

Sylenth1 is not just another synth. It was built from a producer's point of view. It was built to produce superior quality sound and music. It was built to perform. A lot of research has been invested in order to achieve unheard warmth and clarity. The graphical interface ensures the highest level of usability so you can fully unleash your creativity.
Samples, instruments, presets, patches, impulses
Samples From Mars Jupiter Drums From Mars MULTiFORMAT [FREE] screenshot
Analog Drum Hits Synthesized from Scratch
Jupiter Drums From Mars is a collection of raw, analog drum hits synthesized from scratch using the Jupiter 4 synthesizer, and captured cleanly through an API 1608 console with no processing or layering whatsoever.

Released in the late 70s, the JP-4 was Roland's first polyphonic synth, and it remains one of the most powerful and responsive synthesizers ever made. And while it's definitely capable of lush pads and epic chords, the Jupiter's wide variety of expressive controls also make it ripe for synthesizing powerful, analog drum hits reminiscent of Roland's early drum machines - but more unique.

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